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“A digestible and empowering call to action, on demand coach, and trusted advisor.”

Foreword by 

Chris Pacione

CEO & Co-Founder 

LUMA Institute

“Very exciting!

It really is compelling and quite brilliant.”

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What people are saying about How Might We...

If you love Design Thinking and are struggling to help others see the potential, you are not alone – and this book is for you! Many Design Thinking professionals are so passionate about our craft, we find it frustrating when others don’t see it the same way. And we are left scratching our heads, wondering “what’s wrong with these people”. 


But the truth is each one of us needs to have our own “ah-ha moment” before we can become a believer. And there is a significant difference between being a great Design Thinking Practitioner and being a successful Design Thinking Champion. 


In his new book, “How Might We Champion Design Thinking in Your Organization”, Dan Buchner strikes right at the heart of these challenges. And he equips readers with practical and actionable ways to help other people in their organization see the benefits of Design Thinking and join the cause.  


I read the whole book in one sitting. And I can’t wait to share it with my Design Thinking colleagues. Thank you, Dan, for shedding light on some fantastic tools that I know I will use again and again.” 

  • AMY HEDRICK, Senior Director, Experience Design, Fusion 360 at Autodesk

When I brought Design Thinking to my team, I didn’t have a resource like Dan’s book. His approach would have made the transformation a hundred times easier. Dan’s book is full of real-world examples, tips-n-tricks (many of which worked for me!), insights and ideas. With this book as your guide, you’ll be in a better place to bring Design Thinking into your organization and make long-lasting change happen.” 

  • TRINA WELLENDORF, Learning Experience Design Team Lead at Accenture 

“Empathetic designer, consummate coach, and passionate believer in the power of a thoughtful open-ended question, Dan Buchner provides an enlightened and practical platform for the Champions of Design Thinking. His connective and illustrative style brings to life revelations of experiences as a Corporate Innovator and Design Thinking consultant. The book, like the man, brings clarity and hope to designing purposeful conversations, listening with intent, putting others’ needs first, and the power of collaboration, alignment and mutual success. How Might We is thoughtfully told and designed to live on the desk of every Design Thinking Champion for the rest of their lives. Not just their work life, but their complete life.

  • KORY KOLLIGIAN, Former COO, EPAM Continuum

"This is the book that we all need in order to help us champion innovation and unlock what is possible.

We learn even more about design thinking through Dan’s real-world business examples, and the many practical tools he provides. Dan brings so much wisdom and experience to the stories he shares – not to mention a great sense of humour - making the book a fun and incredibly engaging read. Dan’s passion for helping others and his generosity in sharing what he knows is inspirational. Thanks to this phenomenal book, we are more empowered to bring our design thinking mindset and toolkit to the next opportunity, while helping others embrace the value of this human-centred approach."

  • JOANNA KIRKE, CEO Kirke Leadership

“This book beautifully integrates what in design we call thinking and doing into the being; a particular mindset that becomes a liberating force from the ordinary, well-established, and restricted ways of thinking, behaving, and going about life in general. Dan shares with us a synthesis of thought and action based on his fruitful and caring perspective, built on years (many, many) in working with others. In a guided format, this book helps us discover possibilities by providing us with proven-to-work best practices for change."

  • EDUARDO MILRUD, Ph.D. Studio Lead, Savanah College of Art and Design 

"Once I started reading How Might We I couldn't put it down! I really enjoyed the format - the story followed by the so-what, then some really practical ideas. It’s a guide for changing mindsets and shifting organizational and individual perceptions. And, the HMW questions are great prompts to challenge our own thinking. It's a book I'll give my peers to help them continue their journey with design thinking."

  • SARAH X, Design Thinking Champion (in an undisclosed multi-national financial services company)



Dan connected with me, clearly describing the challenges I face. I felt like he was sitting across the table having a conversation with me, walking me through how to bring design thinking to my organization.

  • FRANKIE ITURBE, Education Entrepreneur – WeElevate, Technology Consulting Manager - Accenture

“This book is a must-have for any Design Thinkers facing big, complex barriers on a regular basis. Dan has the ability to distill the purest form of design thinking tools and offer them in a direct yet approachable, practical, non-academic way. For those of us who don’t find the time to read yet another business book written by some consultant who speaks about everything in the ideal state, How Might We offers a refreshing look at what happens when things are not successful.  It  urges us to celebrate those times--talk about them, learn from them, build our personal confidence from them. “

  • SUSAN EICK, CEO The Refinery Leadership Partners

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