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practical    I 'praktik(e)l I 


  1. ​concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than theory and ideas.

  2. an idea, plan, or method likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances.

Looking for practical ways to champion Design Thinking in your organization? 

Things you can actually do? Things that are likely to succeed? In real circumstances?

I can help. Here's how...

sidekick   I 'sid,kik I


1. a ​trusted associate who uses their candor and expertise to support you on your adventure.

Design Thinking Champion's Sidekick


Are you looking to up your game as a Design Thinking Champion? Need a someone to bounce ideas off of? An impartial second opinion on what might work in your unique situation? A trusted advisor with your best interests at heart?


You could use a Sidekick.


I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve got real life experiences to share. I know what works and what doesn’t. I can help you grow as a Design Thinking Champion. Consider me your Sidekick. Let me bring my practical experience to support you on your quest to realize the potential of Design thinking in your organization.


Contact me to learn how. 

workout   I 'werk,out I


1. a ​period of intense practice to improve your ability and performance.

Design Thinking Champion's Workout


Would you like to strengthen the capabilities of your team in their efforts to champion Design thinking?  A safe space for them to build their skills? A place for them to learn, practice, and grow as champions? 


You and your team could use a Workout.


I’ve got the exercises to strengthen your champion muscles. I put you through your paces working with practical approaches I know will help you succeed. Let me build your team’s confidence and abilities as Design Thinking Champions in a workout.


Contact me to learn how.

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